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 Welcome! My name is Mary. Here you will find homeschool encouragement, LEGO printables, free music lessons, unit studies,  and much more. Use the tabs above to discover what Homegrown Learners has to offer.








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My name is Mary Prather.  I am a wife to Hal, mother of Anna and Grant, musician, and educator.  Above all, I am a Christian, trying to follow God's will for my life. 


My background is in music and public education.   I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision.   I've taught in public schools for 10 years and now homeschool my children.

All of my experiences to this point have uniquely equipped me as a homeschooling parent.   It is a blessing to be able to write about our journey and encourage others to adopt this wonderful lifestyle.  

I am also the author of a music appreciation curriculum for children. SQUILT (Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time) is designed to make bringing quality music into your homeschool or classroom easy, affordable, and enjoyable. 


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I accept paid advertising, sponsored posts, and am open to other creative partnerships.

I also am available for public speaking and freelance writing about home education, music education, and motherhood.    

Contact me via email to learn more.  

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