Grateful Thoughts

What I am thankful for:

701. a new home for our church, Word of God Lutheran

702. my six year old son, winking at me as his class shares The Lord's Prayer with the congregation

703. the high school youth at our church, who are so engaged with the little ones - they are serving as wonderful role models

704. my husband's gardening advice and a gardening app for my phone!

705. a long phone conversation with my mother - on the weekend of the sixth anniversary of my husband's mother's passing, it makes me realize how blessed I am to have my mother with me

706. an evening spent with my father-in-law - he is perhaps the sweetest man I know

707. German Potato Salad!

708. a daughter who practices her piano willingly and joyfully

709. a fabulous tball game on Saturday - with my little guy smacking a home run from a coach pitch and not a tee - he has been blessed with a lot of athletic ability!

710. a visit to the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University to see the Egyptian artifacts - it was a gorgeous day and we learned SO MUCH! Miss B was a great tour guide, and knows so much more than I do!

711. Just Dance Kids on the Wii -- lets us LAUGH and have a good time!

712. Four solid hours of outside play with friends for my children on a Sunday afternoon... which mean the mommies and daddies got a little rest, too!

713. the coming of spring, and all of the birds at our feeders

714. a new job system in place online - thanks to my husband for setting it all up

715. time and peace to learn more about Charlotte Mason and her philosophy of education - I am moving closer to my goal of being a better mother

716. clarity for my blog, and the content I desire it to contain

717. the flexibility that homeschooling offers

718. the children spending an afternoon with granddaddy while I go to the dentist and grocery shop

719. tooth fairies - and their two visits this past week

720. a new Bible study, and more opportunities to internalize God's word and apply it to my life