How to Fight The Back To School Homeschool Blues


This morning marked a BIG day for many of our friends and neighbors.

Traditional "school" began and the school buses were running at 7 a.m. Facebook pictures were being posted of cheerful children in new outfits. Parents were talking about who their child's teacher was and what a GREAT year it was going to be. 

I sat in my quiet living room this morning, confident in our decision to homeschool.

One of my children was in his bed reading a book about basketball, while my teenager was still asleep. I had a complete peace about our decision to homeschool. 

BUT... I remember when I didn't.

I remember when it was very hard to see everyone going  to school. It seemed that surely my children were missing something, or maybe I was doing them a disservice in some way. I longed for the days of peace and quiet when my children were away from me 8 hours each day.  (just typing that makes me sad now)

I've grown a lot since then... homeschooling really turned me upside down!

When I opened my computer later in the morning there was a message from a sweet mom asking me about back to school blues for homeschool moms.  I KNEW her question would resonate with so many readers and I felt compelled to reach out to this mom.

This is what I enjoy about this blog - being able to help moms and share in our joys and struggles! 

Since I get so many questions each week, I decided to start a video series - a Q&A if you will - to hopefully help some of you out there in the homeschooling trenches.

So here goes -- Episode 1: How Do you Fight the Back to School Blues?

And by the way -- feel free to contact me with questions you might have... I could just feature you in Episode 2!