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Learning how to appreciate beautiful music is a GIFT we need to be giving our children.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved music. Because of the many records that played constantly in my house, as well as the symphony concerts my parents made it possible for me to attend, my love grew from a very young age.

Majoring in music in college furthered my appreciation.

It wasn't until I began teaching young children, however, that a passion ignited in me to SHARE that love of music with others.

SQUILT is Born

When I was an elementary music teacher, I started a 10 minute time at the end of each class called SQUILT: Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time. 

I would choose a short piece of music, have my students close their eyes and just LISTEN.  (How often in our lives do we just stop and LISTEN?)

Each time I would have them listen for something different - maybe the TEMPO (speed) of the piece, or what instruments were being used, or a particular rhythm that was repeated.

Over time, my students became EXPERT listeners. A simple focused 2-3 minutes of listening time was all it took for their love and appreciation to begin growing. 

 A room of rambunctious first graders would turn into concert violinists as they listened to one of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos.

Everyone was a conductor when they listened to The Superman March by John Williams.

My older students were getting quite adept at filling out a SQUILT listening form while they listened. We would put them on a bulletin board in the hall to inspire my younger students. 

We were having good discussions about Dynamics, Rhythm and Tempo, Instrumentation, and Mood.

In short, it was a special time where I could share my passion with them - and watch it become their passion as well.

It was magical. 

Easy Music Appreciation for the Homeschool

Fast forward 18 years.

I began using the SQUILT technique with my own children. 

I began blogging about it and offering a few lessons on the blog.

My children tested SQUILT lessons with me and they learned to be expert music appreciators, too!

My daughter's SQUILT notebooking page for Saint-Saens' "The Cuckoo":


A common theme I heard, however, was that parents wondered how to teach their children about music if they had no musical knowledge themselves. 

I knew then that I could combine my love of music and love of writing to create a simple, easy, affordable music appreciation curriculum - SQUILT. 

SQUILT teaches parents and children TOGETHER - every bit of information you need to know is almost scripted within each lesson.

I don't want to see the beautiful music of past generations get LOST in this generation. We can learn so much about history, emotions, and OURSELVES through listening to and analyzing beautiful music. 

Currently there are 4 volumes:

  • Baroque (1600-1750)
  • Classical (1750-1820)
  • Romantic (1820-1900)
  • Modern (1900-present)

Each volume takes you through ten pieces of music from that respective era. It includes listening links, notebooking pages, and all of the instructions you will need to guide your children through learning the basic grammar of music and then applying that knowledge while they listen to a piece of music.

Enrichment activities are provided for each lesson that link you to information about the composer, style of music, particular instrument being highlighted, or other works by the composer.  

Lesson are perfect for multi-ages -- from preschool to middle school (I've even heard of high school students using this!). There are levels of notebooking pages for non-writers and writers, too.

All you need to teach a SQUILT lesson is an internet connection and basic school supplies! 

SQUILT Volume 4 is FINALLY Here! 

Volume 1, The Baroque Era, was released in June, 2013. 

Nearly two years later the entire set is complete, and Volume 4 has been completed!

The Modern Era was such fun to write, and includes works from Scott Joplin, John Williams, George Gershwin, Bela Bartok, and others. 

Take a look at the table of contents:


You can also view a sample lesson.

 To find out even more about SQUILT, please visit the SQUILT Music Appreciation website, where you can view samples from each volume, and see exactly which pieces are covered in each volume.

It is my great desire to see parents and children learning about and appreciating beautiful music together.

SQUILT Bundle Giveaway

I am giving away a 4 volume bundle to one lucky winner.

This bundle includes the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern volumes and is a $45 value! 


Simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.  I will choose one lucky winner on Feb. 10! 

Please note: this is open to International residents, as well. 


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