Cycle 3 Music Resources & Free Listening Lesson



The time is approaching for us to begin music studies in Cycle 3.

(This is my favorite time of the year!)

I realize, however, that teaching music inspires FEAR in many moms. 

Hopefully this post and the accompanying free resource can alleviate some of your fears and equip you to teach your children about the orchestra and the finer points of music appreciation in Cycle 3.

Try to make music a part of your everyday life - play the music by the composers in Cycle 3 as you go about your days. Strew your favorite books about music around the house.  Pretty soon you will find you are growing little musicians, and it really wasn't that difficult! 

Favorite Book Supplements for Music in Cycle 3

The Story of the Orchestra

Peter & The Wolf with narrated CD (great for highlighting instruments)

Tubby the Tuba

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Peter Tchaikovsky (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers)

The Story of Peter Tchaikovsky (Opal Wheeler Biography)

Igor Stravinsky (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers)

Claude Debussy: First Discovery Music


Listening to Tchaikovsky Symphony #6 

The first musical selection in Cycle 3 is Tchaikovsky's Symphony #6, 4th mvmt

In order to help you teach your children (and yourself!) to listen to this piece more critically, I have written a Super Quiet UnInterrupted Time (SQUILT) lesson for you to download. 

This lesson includes links to the music, all teaching instructions, notebooking pages, and supplemental activities.

It talks you through the GRAMMAR of music and helps your children become more discriminating listeners! 


Download the free Tchaikovsky SQUILT lesson! 

To learn more about the full SQUILT Music Appreciation curriculum, which includes music lessons arranged by musical era, visit SQUILT Music - where music appreciation is made EASY! 


What are your plans for the music in Cycle 3?