Books: Well Loved Favorites and Current Reads

As we continue to move into a new finished space in our basement, I am going through boxes and boxes of BOOKS. 

How do you figure out which books to save and which books to donate?  

I have a problem: I cannot bring myself to get rid of books! 

Each book holds special memories - maybe it is from someone special; maybe it was read during a memorable time in my children's lives. Some books belonged to my husband and me when we were children. 

Of all of the gifts we give our children, I believe the gift of books and READING is one of the longest lasting and precious gifts there is. 

I would like to share some of our favorite books, and also what we're currently reading.... because you can never have too many books! 

*This is by no means an exhaustive list -- I have literally HUNDREDS of titles I could share. These just popped out at me recently! 

Our Favorite Books

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Our Favorite Books

I am thrilled that my husband and I have raised READERS

Each of my children has a bookcase in their bedroom that houses their very favorite series and chapter books. 

Anna's is full of Harry Potter, Dear America, and lots of historical fiction

Grant has loads of Peanuts Comic Books,  Percy Jackson, and other books that first got him interested in reading

Through sorting and organizing all of the OTHER books in our home, there are several books that just jumped out at me - books that I will keep on our school shelves just because they have fond memories and maybe someone will want to pick them up and read them again - just for fun. 

Again -- this barely scratches the surface of books I could recommend... but it makes a little start!

Our Favorite Books of All Time - Recommendations from Homegrown Learners

Picture Books

Corduroy -- one of MY favorite books as a child... something about that missing button I guess! 

Jamberry - such fun reading this book with rhythm and rhyme

Little Beaver and the Echo - I vividly remember this book teaching my son the concept of what an echo was... and us walking into our woods to create our own echoes.

Katy and the Big Snow - a favorite Five in a Row book

The Happy Man and His Dump Truck - one of the Little Golden Book classics

The Piggy in the Puddle - the repetition and silliness of this book can't be matched!

What Can You Do With a Shoe? - such a fun story - illustrated by Maurice Sendak

The Big Orange Splot - about Mr. Plumbean's orange house

Harry by the Sea & Harry the Dirty Dog - more favorites from my 70s childhood!

Strega Nona - all of the books in this series are great

Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car - All of the Five Little Monkeys books were so cute!

Curious George - need I say more? 

The Book of Beasts - anything by E Nesbit is a treasure; this book is just lovely

Chapter Books

The Trumpet of the Swan - a timeless classic by EB White 

The Trumpeter of Krakow - historical fiction that was quite moving

The Twenty-One Balloons - whimsical and funny

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator - probably better than Charlie & The Chocolate Factory! 

Caddie Woodlawn - a sweet read aloud for girls

The Chocolate Touch - a must read for younger elementary kids

The Adventures of Robin Hood - my 8 year old cried at the end of this book

Ballpark Mysteries - these were great first chapter books for my son

Jackie & Me - these sports books by Dan Gutman are wonderful for your boys!

Shortstop From Tokyo - more great sports books from Matt Christopher 

The Hobbit - a must read classic for EVERYONE

Best Biography Series for Kids - see my recommendations for kids who love to read biographies!

Our Current Reads (for Kids & Mom)

We've been on winter break for the past week, and although "formal" schoolwork is not taking place there has continued to be reading galore! 

I snapped some shots of my bedside table, the side table in the family room, and our current read alouds. 

What We're Currently Reading - Recommendations from Homegrown Learners

What is your favorite children's book?

What are you reading right now?   

Let's get some suggestions going in the comment section below!

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