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Will They Go to "Regular" High School?


Will they go to regular high school?

Before I talk about the one homeschool question that drives me nuts (well, there are many, but this week I have ONE), I have exciting news: Collage Friday is BACK!

Sharing about our homeschool week (or an aspect of our week) on Fridays has been a way for me to personally document the growth in my children - and often myself. 

It is a time when many bloggers come together, link up their collage posts, and support each other. 

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"Spring Cleaning", Concert Weekend, and an Important Announcement 

 "Is this spring cleaning?", Grant asked me as we were moving furniture and boxes this week.  I replied, "Well...." and before I could get the words out he said, "It's like spring cleaning on steroids!".


I knew to get the projects done in our home we would just have to dive in and commit a few weeks to the process. 

The biggest project is finished. The new floors in the downstairs are complete! Every surface has either been replaced or refinished. I am so happy with the results. The furniture won't be moved back until today.

Choosing paint will come next, but I think I found the secret formula for choosing the perfect paint color

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Testing, Home Improvements, and a Milestone - Collage Friday

The school year is FINISHED. 

For the next three weeks I am not thinking about school. I am not planning for next year. I am not making my children do math.  I might read aloud to them (just because we love it so much), but I think that's it.

My children have worked SO HARD over the past nine months and they deserve a break. 

And guess what?  This mom deserves a BREAK. 

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