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Classical Education: Making the Transition in our Homeschool


Classical Education: Making the Transition in Our Homeschool

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How did our homeschool transition from Interest Led/Charlotte Mason (eclectic, really) to almost 100% Classical?

I've gotten so many emails and questions on social media about how my kids are doing. How are they adjusting to a more rigorous schedule? How have they adapted to a completely different style of learning?

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Honest Homeschool Encouragement: When You Have a Bad Week


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This week has been one of the hardest in my homeschooling memory.

Things are generally fairly upbeat here. I STILL believe in being positive and seeking the good in everything, but I need to be brutally honest today.

I had a bad homeschool week! 

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Will They Go to "Regular" High School?


Will they go to regular high school?

Before I talk about the one homeschool question that drives me nuts (well, there are many, but this week I have ONE), I have exciting news: Collage Friday is BACK!

Sharing about our homeschool week (or an aspect of our week) on Fridays has been a way for me to personally document the growth in my children - and often myself. 

It is a time when many bloggers come together, link up their collage posts, and support each other. 

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