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Homeschooling and The Fear of Not "Fitting In"



People make all kinds of assumptions about homeschoolers. 

As we were making the decision to homeschool I remember worrying about what people might think of us, and being hurt by offhand comments people would make about homeschoolers.

I'm ashamed to admit that I let my silly fears and worries about what others would think of us almost stop me from making the best decision of my life. 

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Ten Reasons You CAN Homeschool



I've had some very honest conversations recently with people who are contemplating homeschool, but just don't think they can do it.

I waffle between being sad about this and wanting to scream, "Stop Telling Me Why You Can't Homeschool!".

The homeschool journey is much like traveling a train track (sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy, sometimes you derail! - you can see great sights) and if you just have the courage to get on the train it will be the best trip of your life.

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Don't Be A Chicken! 5 Reasons You CAN Homeschool

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Before you get upset with me about the title, let me remind you that I was once a CHICKEN.  I spent nearly two years talking myself OUT of homeschooling. 

I have heard all of the reasons why you CAN'T homeschool. I think I invented several of them.

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