Mandala Sand Art Mini Unit Study


Looking for an activity for your bigger kids?  Recently, while the pollen prevented us from being outside a lot, my kids dove into the stash of craft kits I have.

{Yes, I keep a stash of kits on hand - it's a good investment!}

My kids have been interested in Mandalas for quite some time.

They like to color them while I'm reading aloud. 

We learned about the history of Mandala, but found the history of sand art Mandala to be even more interesting.  

As I was searching for some relaxing art activities, I came across a beautiful Mandala Sand Art kit. Little did I know how marvelously they would turn out, or what a beautiful time we would have with them.

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Collage Friday - Delight Directed Learning and a Super Morning Routine

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"Mom, I need a friend to come over who likes to look at clouds."

Oh, how I love my children. They say the most insightful things, and at the most perfect moments, too.

Moments like this make me thank GOD I am a homeschooling mom. I'm so glad I don't have to miss these sweet things my kids come up with

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