Beauty in the Word

Beauty in the Word Book Club Discussions

Following are the recordings of our book club discussions on Beauty in the Word by Stratford Caldecott. Purchase the book here and follow along with us as we seek to become better homeschooling parents!

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Beauty in the Word Book Club Discussions @ Homegrown Learners

Introduction (1/31/19)

Slides for Introduction

*Forward to ten minutes in for the beginning of the session.

Chapter 1 (2/7/19)

*Note: We have switched to a more interactive format going forward - with book club participants turning on cameras and microphones. Forward to 20 seconds into video for the start of our discussion.

Chapter 2 (2/21/19)

Chapter 3 (2/28/19)

Chapter 4 (3/7/19)

Chapter 5 (3/14/19)