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A Flexible Homeschool Schedule


This week has been one of those weeks where I have to check multiple times a day to see what day it actually IS. 

Between our trip to SW Florida and my husband being in and out with traveling for work, the schedule was pretty much thrown out the window. 

And that's OK.

I remember when we first started homeschooling. I would wake the kids bright and early, school the requisite SIX HOURS and try to stick to the public school schedule as much as possible. Why?

I have NO CLUE! Maybe I was afraid of what people would think, afraid my kids wouldn't really LEARN if we didn't follow that same schedule I'd followed my entire life, and afraid our homeschool would be a failure.


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LEGO Minifig Thanksgiving Writing Prompts


If you have a LEGO lover, you know they will do just about ANYTHING that involves bricks or minifigures!

Why not harness that love to your advantage? Use LEGO Minifigs to inspire writing! 

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Interest Led Learning: The Underground Railroad


Last week, in a large homeschooling Facebook group I read some very distressing things about homeschooling with Classical Conversations. One of the bandwagons that a few people jumped on was: "Classical Conversations is very restrictive - they dictate the curriculum and there is no room for your children to be themselves.".

That is FALSE, and it bothers me when people make sweeping generalizations about ANY homeschooling method.

As our week unfolded, there was a beautiful example of Interest Led learning within a Classical framework. 

I couldn't have planned it any better, and I knew I must share it with my readers.

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