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Cultivating Beauty and Wonder in Your Homeschool

Am I being intentional about including BEAUTY in our homeschool - and in our every day lives? 

Checking off boxes sometimes becomes the goal, instead of seeing God in everything and stopping to appreciate the beauty around us. 

Classical Conversations offers webinars free for the homeschool community - a recent webinar I attended was about homeschool scheduling, and allowing time for BEAUTY in our days. 

This webinar renewed my convinction to expose my children to BEAUTY  each day. No matter how our day has gone, if my children have been exposed to something BEAUTIFUL it is a success. 

In this week's Collage Friday I'd like to share ways I've been cultivating beauty and wonder.

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Why I Have Nothing Against Diary of a Wimpy Kid 


Why I Let My Kids Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid


"How do you feel about Diary of a Wimpy Kid books?"

I posed that question to  the blog Facebook community recently (at the same time confessing that my children read the books).

I jokingly told my husband as I was posting the picture of the books on the night stand, "This might be controversial.".

That was an understatement.

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Homeschooling When Dad is Away

 Our lives are changing rapidly. 

Ever since my oldest was born I have stayed at home while my husband went to work. I've worked in various capacities (running a piano studio from the house and now blogging and writing music curriculum), but for the most part our routine and lives stayed the SAME.

Did I mention things are changing rapidly?

Now, my husband doesn't work a normal 8-5 job. He doesn't get up at the crack of dawn, go downtown to an office, and arrive home in time for dinner.

Some weeks he is traveling. Other weeks he is working from home. Right now I'm trying to remain flexible and patient.

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