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A Typical Week in Foundations



The spine for my son's homeschool is the Classical Conversations' Foundations program.

I have heard criticism that CC can RESTRICT a homeschool, but I have found that it actually  gives me a guide and a jumping off point for further learning. It frees ME up to spend my time on other things that are important to our family.

If you aren't familiar with Foundations, our kids memorize facts each week -- 6 facts to be exact -- in the areas of Math, History, Latin, English Grammar, Science, and Timeline. 

Our children also receive Fine Arts (artists, musicians, playing the tin whistle) instruction that we can expand upon during the week. 

This works well for our family, and I appreciate how well integrated the memory facts are, and how everything eventually ties together in the Challenge years.

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Ten on Tuesday: Honest, Helpful Homeschool Encouragement



There's so much to share in a homeschool week. 

I do love to interact with all of you on Instagram and Facebook during the week, but I want to "centralize" all of those weekly thoughts in one place.

Welcome to Ten on Tuesday!  

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Homeschooling an 8th Grader: An Honest Look at Challenge B


One of the great benefits of homeschooling is the education parents can receive - most often an education very unlike the one they received when THEY were young. 

It is an HONOR to learn alongside my daughter this year in Classical Conversations Challenge B as she tackles ideas and subjects that truly do CHALLENGE her. 

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