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Beginning Our Year End Review - Collage Friday


I'll be honest with you. This week has been tough. (Well, tough is a relative term I guess. It's been tough in my world, but I realize it could be so much tougher.)

I'm feeling the weight of finishing the year - making sure Anna is preparing for her Challenge A final exams and ensuring Grant gets a proper review of all of the Foundations information in Classical Conversations.  We have choral concerts, piano recitals, and baseball games. 

We are redoing all of the floors in the main floor of our house (which I am SO THANKFUL for), but I'm preparing to pack up my downstairs and start this project in just a couple weeks. 

We've been busy with life in general and to top it off my pain really was in high gear this week. I think the change of seasons causes a lot of issues for my back and legs, so each day was physically a struggle for me. Thursday morning I honestly could have sat down and cried a river. 

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Summer Learning Plans - Curriculum/Planning Deals


Summer Learning Plans and Purchasing Curriculum

Are you thinking about summer yet?  

I know it's about 6 weeks away, but as our school year is winding down and the weather is getting much nicer I'm finding myself motivated to start planning for summer.

{Many curriculum sales also happen this time of year, so I'm keeping my eyes open for those!}

Summer is a welcome break from the normal homeschool routine.  After a week of lounging around everyone is usually at loose ends, so this summer I am PREPARING.

Normally I think of all the things I want a summer to include, but if I fail to make a PLAN we accomplish very little. So here it is -- in writing.  (Now I MUST stick to it!)

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It's Good to Be Bored - Collage Friday


Boredom leads to great creativity - boredom busters for kids

This was our scheduled spring break. Other than the kids having friends over on Monday and another scheduled get together with friends, we did NOTHING. 

(Well, I did sneak away for lunch with two different friends who mean a lot to me. It's nice to have one child who is old enough to hold down the fort now while I run off for an hour or two!)

One day we bought new sidewalk chalk and the kids decided to cover our entire driveway - which is pretty long - with drawings. It was heart warming to hear them laughing and talking together outside. It made me thankful for homeschool and the time it allows Anna and Grant to have together. 

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