Five in a Row - How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World

Each Five in a Row title we encounter seems better than the next. Our family love this memorable curriculum! This week our story was "How to Bake An Apple Pie and See the World". The child in the story goes to the market to get the ingredients to make an apple pie. But, the market is closed. She embarks on a journey around the world to gather her ingredients. Brilliant!

We began the book by reading it once through on Monday - we sat by our world map and I pointed to all of the places visited in the book: Italy, France, England, Sri Lanka, Jamaica and Vermont . Then, each of my children took turns pointing when I read the book again.

Tuesday we made Apple Pie Playdoh. This was a great activity and I have to thank Cindy at Along the Way for the idea! The recipe was so easy and smelled so good. Each day during the week we brought it out and my youngest would play with it while I completed our read-alouds. I'm thinking a different batch of homemade playdoh each week may be in our future.

We completed a lapbook during the week, which I found at Five In a Row Circle and Homeschool Share. I must say the favorite activity was the geography matching game. My son played this numerous times, and it has reinforced many of the concepts in the book.

We also enjoyed one of the minibooks, which was a saltwater evaporation experiment. My son was amazed that after three days of letting our saltwater sit out on the counter all the water evaporated and we were left with salt. One of the lapbook elements was coloring the flags of places visited in the story. GMan has a real eye for detail and loves coloring, so this was another one of his favorite activities this week. All in all, the lapbook was a success, so if you row this book, just follow the links I gave above and have your child complete the lapbook.

To culminate our book adventure, we visited a local produce stand and picked out four different types of apples. We baked an apple pie yesterday which we had for dessert last night. Here's a photo my hubby took of the three of us before we ate the pie - I realized I forgot to take pictures while we were baking. Oh well! We had a long afternoon at the park and produce stand, then baking a pie and cooking dinner... we all look a little wiped out!

Happy Rowing!

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