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Raising Children Who Love Music


Raising Children Who Love Music: practical strategies for non musical parents

Music is a gift.  It is a profound expression of our deepest emotions. 

As a child I didn't realize the value of piano lessons, concerts, and records (am I dating myself?) being played in our home. 

As a parent, however, I am keenly aware that giving our children the gift of music is HUGE.  

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Classical Education: Making the Transition in our Homeschool


Classical Education: Making the Transition in Our Homeschool

image courtesy Life Your Way


How did our homeschool transition from Interest Led/Charlotte Mason (eclectic, really) to almost 100% Classical?

I've gotten so many emails and questions on social media about how my kids are doing. How are they adjusting to a more rigorous schedule? How have they adapted to a completely different style of learning?

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Dolphin Tale 2: Free Homeschool Curriculum & Giveaway


Free Dolphin Tale 2 Curriculum from Classical Conversations

Dolphin Tale 2 is in theaters THIS FRIDAY - September 12, 2014. 

We're huge fans of Winter and The Clearwater Marine Aquarium. (Remember when we took the best homeschool field trip ever?)

We're also big fans of Classical Conversations - and today I will tell you how the movie and the Classical Conversations are connected!

Better still? You don't have to be a part of a Classical Conversations community to take advantage of this freebie! 

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