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Our Homeschool Tradition - Back to School Pictures



When we first started homeschooling someone asked me, "What will you do about school pictures?"

I actually worried about not having yearly "packaged" school pictures. It just goes to show how much we get caught up in worrying about things that are truly NOT OF IMPORTANCE.  

As is the case with most things, something better came along. I LOVE our school pictures now, and it has turned into a fun homeschool tradition in our house.

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Our Homeschool Learning Space(s)


Our Homeschool Learning Spaces

Homeschooling affords a great amount of flexibility; flexibility in our schedule, our curriculum, and also in WHERE we school.

We have learning spaces this year, and I'm finding that not having an actual "school room" is creating a culture of learning throughout our home. We're living a lifestyle of learning, and as my children get older I believe this will work well for our family.

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How to Fight The Back To School Homeschool Blues


This morning marked a BIG day for many of our friends and neighbors.

Traditional "school" began and the school buses were running at 7 a.m. Facebook pictures were being posted of cheerful children in new outfits. Parents were talking about who their child's teacher was and what a GREAT year it was going to be. 

I sat in my quiet living room this morning, confident in our decision to homeschool.

One of my children was in his bed reading a book about basketball, while my teenager was still asleep. I had a complete peace about our decision to homeschool. 

BUT... I remember when I didn't.

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