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Learning To Set Boundaries as a Homeschooling Mom


Am I always late to the party? 

Maybe homeschool moms have been talking about boundaries for a long time I just haven't been paying attention. 

Last week I had an epiphany about BOUNDARIES. I had an epiphany about why I need them and also it became pretty clear to me how to set them.

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Favorite Fall Activities For Kids


Favorite Fall Activities For Kids

Fall seems to trigger a sense of wonder in my children. 

As the leaves turn and then scatter in our yard, there is the enthusiasm and wonder that comes from building a big leaf pile and diving headlong into it for loads of giggles. As I pull out the basket of seasonal books, there is excitement and wonder as we read our favorites each year. And, as we make our favorite fall recipes, they want to be there with me in the kitchen.

This is a season to make memories with our children. 

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Classical Conversations and Flexibility: October Blog Carnival


Many, many are the reasons our family cherishes our involvement in Classical Conversations. 

In the past year I have appreciated the academic soundness of the program, the beautiful friendships we have made in our community, and also the sense of focus and direction it has brought to our homeschool.

Now, however, I am adding one more reason: 

Classical Conversations can be FLEXIBLE.


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