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Choosing December Activities Wisely - Resources & Fun

 It's been a BUSY week in our home.

We've spent most of each day schooling. Anna is finishing her Challenge studies (one more week!) and we've been engaging in some fun review games with Grant. 

I'm excited about our December, because it really feels like I haven't over scheduled us, and that we will have time to do the things that are meaningful and fun. (Keep your fingers crossed.)

Each year I seem to have an internal battle with all of the wonderful things we COULD be doing and all of the things that are actually possible and necessary. Can you relate?  

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A Peaceful December - Classical Conversations Review and the Dec. CC Blog Carnival


Add DECEMBER to the list of reasons why I adore Classical Conversations. 

We go down to the bare bones in December, so we can focus on Advent and being peaceful as a family.

It isn't always easy, because it seems there are a hundred and one demands on our time during this busy time of year. I don't want to look back on the month and regret wasted time and unwanted activities. I want to create memories for our family that are meaningful and fun.

Thankfully, school isn't a DEMAND in December - it's a fun something we carve out time for because we WANT TO.

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Santa, Trampolines & Other Musings


Santa, Trampolines & Other Musings

It all started with me pleading with my husband for a trampoline for the kids this Christmas.

What transpired over the next 24 hours was SO interesting to me! 

Standing in my kitchen, making my case for a trampoline (yet again), my husband told me NO WAY - there will be no children of his going to the ER with broken bones! My husband doesn't often draw lines in the sand, but he did with the trampoline request. 

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