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Even a BAD Homeschool day can be GOOD

The past couple of days I've been battling a humongous migraine.... it is absolutely no fun. Yesterday I was good until the afternoon, and I was fine to let the kids read, play Legos, and watch Christmas movies while I rested. When I woke up feeling bad this morning I knew they couldn't just fend for themselves all day, so we had to get creative!

The kids did their math laying in my bed while I loosely supervised. Grammar, First Language Lessons and some read alouds were accomplished this way, too. The fable in First Language Lessons was "A Bundle of Sticks" -- amazing how I used the lesson later when the kids were playing a game to illustrate getting along. If you want to show the same to your children, have them watch this little video I found:

I came downstairs a while later and found the kids playing a game together - and as I sat and listened to them I realized what a great time they were having, and the math concepts they had to use to play the game (since there are some missing pieces and they needed to make sure they each had an equal amount!). When they argued (as they will inevitably do, I referred back to The Bundle of Sticks Fable.... perfect moment! So, I contend that even on a BAD day of homeschool, we will accomplish more than a day in public school.

We love the game, Mr. Mouth! It really takes a lot of skills to get those little flies in the frog's mouth.

I love the intent look on my little guy's face.... he really enjoyed this game.

So, the big lessons for today in our homeschool were:

  • it's good to take care of mommy (Miss B brought me tea and toast this morning)
  • we can change our routine and it's OK
  • learning to get along with your sibling makes your family stronger
  • we are lucky to have each other and so blessed to be able to educate at home

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Multitude Monday #421-440

holy experience

As we go deeper into the season of Advent, there is so much to be grateful for:

421. a very cold wind whipping through the trees outside, while inside I am in bed safe and warm

422. the gift of seeing Christmas so much more deeply this year

423. the sound of excited children singing Christmas songs

424. slipper socks

425. my daughter's recovery from a horrible experience with ant bites

426. a new friend who took care of my daughter when she got all those ant bites!

427. an attic full of Christmas decorations, each one with a special memory attached

428. my two children - they worked so hard on a project together yesterday

429. Christmas lights - some of our neighbors really outdid themselves this year!

430. pre-lit Christmas trees

431. the sale of my parents' home - and their moving into a retirement community that will alleviate a lot of their worries

432. Christmas chimes

433. apple juice and cookies for my son from a friend

434. another chance to promote and receive free tickets to a musical - this time it is Beauty and the Beast!

435. A neighbor who had just enough vanilla extract for me to finish my cookies

436. greedy little fingers cleaning out the cookie bowl :-)

437. Pandora's Classical Christmas station

438. treadmills with televisions

439. Christmas carols played on the piano

440. the new found knowledge of the Jesse Tree -- thank you A Holy Experience!

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Creating a Peaceful Advent

I love this Jim Shore cross that hangs on my wall during Advent. It was given to me by one of my sweet piano students. When I look at it I feel peaceful and I remember what this time of Advent should really be about. Each day I'm trying to be intentional about Advent, and the biggest thing that has helped me is having an "Advent Buddy".

My friend Lynn sends me emails about remaining peaceful during Advent, and we talk about how we're trying to combat the "busy"ness of the season. This afternoon I'm lighting a candle, taking a bath, and just relaxing for a little while. Yes, there is laundry to fold, cookies to bake, and lots of other things that are pulling on me. There is nothing more important, however, than reflecting upon the gift of Christ's birth. I'm hoping this peacefulness will spill over into our home and also into our schooling. In many ways it already has, and for that I am thankful.

What do YOU do to remain peaceful and intentional during Advent?
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