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Help Your Child Improve Writing Skills with Fortuigence


How Fortuigence Improves Writing Skills in Your Homeschool

Sometimes you just want to abdicate the instruction of certain subjects in your homeschool. One area that seems to trouble me is writing. 

How do I adequately evaluate my child's writing?

Am I qualified to teach my daughter how to improve her writing skills? 

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Why We've Fallen in Love With Classical Conversations - Part 2


Why We've Fallen in Love With Classical Conversations Part 2

 Classical Conversations has added joy and purpose to our homeschool. 

Two years ago I was tired, frustrated, and wondering if my oldest would need to attend middle and high school. Our family was searching for structure, accountability, and a challenge.

We received all of that (and more) when we joined our local Classical Conversations community. 

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Relax! Encouragement for Parents in Classical Conversations/August 2014 Blog Carnival


 Before we begin with the business of the blog carnival, I wanted to take a moment to talk with the CC parents (specifically the Type A mamas -- you know who you are!).

Recently, in a Classical Conversations Facebook group there was a lot of talk about how discouraging Classical Conversations blogs are because there is "no way I could do all of that with my children." Speaking as a blogger, this was disheartening , but as I stepped back to really think about the commenter's heart I believe there are many things that contribute to this attitude.

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