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Learn Stories in Music with Maestro Classics: A Special Offer

We're long time fans of Maestro Classics here!

If you have preschool and/or elementary aged children, this is a perfect, low stress way to introduce them to the great stories in classical music.  

Each album comes with a beautifully done recording of the music, along with supplemental activities and an activity booklet. When I tell you it takes NO WORK from the parent, I mean it. Just press PLAY and let the learning begin.

If you want to expand more, you can. A couple years ago we made a little unit study out of Casey at the Bat. It was so much fun! 

For the next week (until April 8th), Maestro Classics is offering you three .mp3 recordings (Casey at the Bat, The Tortoise & The Hare, and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel) for just $14.95!

Hurry and grab this offer now - you'll have a chunk of music planned out for the next homeschool year (or even your summer).  Throw in a couple SQUILT volumes, and I think your children will be equipped with a solid education in music appreciation!!

*Maestro Classics is a  sposnor of this blog. They were my very first sponsor several years ago and I am so happy we have grown together!  


10 Books That Get Boys Interested in Reading



Do you have a son who is a reluctant reader? 

I do. 

Oh, he can read very well. Once he finds something that interests him he will read it OVER and OVER and OVER. 

He won't, however, choose to sit down with a book for fun. He doesn't DEVOUR a wonderful story like his 12 year old sister will. (At this age she was reading Harry Potter, Cornelia Funke, and Dear America.)

He doesn't CRAVE a good book like I do.  When I let him choose a book to read he always picks the one with the least amount of pages. (sigh)

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Free SQUILT Download - Dvorak Serenade for Strings


It's time for another free SQUILT download. 

The Romantic Era was full of beautiful, lush music. As we listened to Romantic Music in Classical Conversations last week, I told the children it's "kissy kissy" music. This era was all about the expression of intense emotions. 

Many of the stories about the composers of this era are dramatic and exciting, too. Truth be told, this is probably my favorite time period of music.

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