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Honest Homeschool Encouragement: When You Have a Bad Week


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This week has been one of the hardest in my homeschooling memory.

Things are generally fairly upbeat here. I STILL believe in being positive and seeking the good in everything, but I need to be brutally honest today.

I had a bad homeschool week! 

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Learn About the 50 States

Our mission this year is to learn all about the 50 states; capitals, location, landmarks, etc... 

We will keep things simple. A few excellent resources can serve us well, but too many choices can leave us feeling overwhelmed. 

This post, therefore, will present tried and true favorites for learning about the 50 United States.

Drill and repetition is the foundation for our learning. This, coupled with books, games and activities, will hopefully cement this knowledge for years to come!

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Classical Conversations: Organizing, Memory Work and More 


Classical Conversations Blog Carnival - September, 2014

Everyone has now started (or will be starting soon) their Classical Conversations year. 

I love the wealth of knowledge that is literally at the click of a button! In the past three days I have joined two Facebook groups offering support for Challenge and Essentials families. We are in this together - doing our very best to know God and make Him known.

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