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Hands On, Field Trip, and Fine Arts Learning 

 It's been quite the busy week. While I work on this edition of Collage Friday feeling QUITE worn out, I'm happy with everything we learned and accomplished this week!

Truth be told, we've had a lot of book work and stay at home studies this semester. I'm learning, as the year progresses, how to adjust work loads and how to manage time better so we can take more field trips and spend more time on things like music and art. 

This week was well balanced - so I deem it a success!

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Classical Conversations: Excellence Takes Time and Commitment


 I haven't written about Classical Conversations in several weeks. 

There is a GOOD REASON for my silence. 

My blogging time has been greatly reduced; it has been greatly reduced because we've been spending a large volume of  time on school work. This is a beautiful thing. I do not mind this one bit. In fact, I've welcomed this opportunity to grow our family in ways I never expected.

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SQUILT Christmas Carols & Birthday Sale


I'm pleased to offer SQUILT Christmas Carols

During this miraculous season of our Savior's birth, it is imperative to expose our children to Christmas Carols. We can listen to the carols, analyze them, learn about their origins, and sing them. What a beautiful activity to share with our children! 

It has been impressed upon my heart that our children need quiet times to listen to beautiful music (in this case, carols); they also need to be given the time and space to analyze and learn about that same music. Not only does it build the habit of attention, but it also builds musical knowledge and appreciation. 

Enter Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time

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