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Learning About The Civil War


I'm a firm believer in learning "evolving" on its own. 

Our study of the Civil War has been a beautiful example of Interest Led Learning. 

Yes, the Civil War is on our history "schedule" this year, but the specifics of studying it are not. I like to leave those specifics up to my children. My job is to provide a variety of resources, field trip opportunities, and inspiration so they can soak in as much about the subject as possible.

This is why I consider myself more of a homeschool GUIDE than a TEACHER. 

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Don't Let Homeschooling Be The Altar You Die On - Goals for 2015


I've been a little quiet the past month or so. 

I want to tell you something, dear readers - and I'm wondering how you will take this. 

I am trying to make a big change in 2015.  (Hold onto your hats.)

Homeschooling will not be my focus this year. 

That's right. Homeschooling will NOT be my focus this year. 

My focus this year is going to be on ME.   ME, ME, ME!!  

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The Best of Homegrown Learners - 2014


 The Best of Homegrown Learners - 2014


What do you, the readers, enjoy reading about the most?

Just as my children changed during 2014, so did our homeschool. With the change to Classical Conversations came new readers. I've come to know so many of you through this change and I am thankful!

Some of you have been reading for the past five years. Some of you are here because you've just needed encouragement and a few helpful tips.

Whatever your reasons for reading, I am grateful for each and every one of you!

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