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Step Outside Yourself


 I recently learned a lesson about love, generosity, and pure compassion from my twelve year old.

It is a lesson on stepping outside of yourself, having no fear, and living boldly for Jesus. 

The world is not about us. It just isn't.

Step Outside Yourself - Letting Your Child Serve Others in Difficult Situations

It isn't about the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, or the vacations we take. 

It isn't about the homes we live in, the social circles we run in, or the many marks of status we so proudly wear.

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On The Way to Cycle 3: Classical Conversations July Blog Carnival


Classical Conversations Blog Carnival: July 2014

So often we hear that expression associated with Classical Conversations (mainly with your first year in CC): "It's like drinking from a fire hose!"

That's how I've felt the past couple of months, trying to get a grip on all of the WONDERFUL blogs out there that offer so much valuable information about Classical Conversations. 

I am doing my best to bring you what I've found on my own, what bloggers have submitted to me, and what others have brought to my attention. 

This month it seems to be all about PLANNING for Cycle 3. People are gathering resources, selecting math programs, deciding how much to supplement, etc... 

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Making Rubber Band Bracelets


Making Rubber Band Bracelets

We are officially part of the crazed masses that are making rubber band bracelets.

I bought a loom over a year ago. We all tried to make a bracelet and thought it was too hard. We got frustrated and put it away.

That loom sat in a box in the garage. I almost gave it away. 

For some reason, my son pulled the loom out a few weeks ago and he is a bracelet making fanatic. You name it. He makes it.

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