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Great Homeschool Convention Recap - Collage Friday

Attending the Great Homeschool Convention last weekend in Greenville, SC was an investment in our homeschool, my growing business with SQUILT, and this homeschooling mom's mental health! 

I would encourage everyone to attend a homeschool convention if at all possible. The speakers, chats with other moms, and time out of your normal routine are just GOOD MEDICINE at this time of year.  

The homeschool community is blessed with many wonderful conventions - choose one and GO!  You won't regret it. 

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A Simple Way to Learn Vocabulary


We all want our children to have a rich vocabulary.

When children are younger we are always pointing out the meanings of words to them. We read aloud to them and define beautiful words as we go. 

As children get older I'm not sure we emphasize new vocabulary quite as much. (Maybe you do, but I found in my house it went by the wayside.)

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Dreams, History, and LEGOS - Collage Friday

 I've never written a Collage Friday post on a Wednesday. 

This week was SO busy that I just had to plan everything far ahead of time and quite carefully. When mom goes out of town there are certain things that must be done: laundry, school plans, plans for child care, etc...

You see, this week is the fulfillment of a dream for me. Last year at this time I was in the process of writing a music curriculum. I thought maybe I would sell a few volumes.  Mostly, I wanted to spread the joy of beautiful music to the homeschool community. The response to SQUILT has been more than I hoped for. It just proves to me that God can take a small vision and turn it into something wonderful. 

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