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Classical Conversations: Organizing, Memory Work and More 


Classical Conversations Blog Carnival - September, 2014

Everyone has now started (or will be starting soon) their Classical Conversations year. 

I love the wealth of knowledge that is literally at the click of a button! In the past three days I have joined two Facebook groups offering support for Challenge and Essentials families. We are in this together - doing our very best to know God and make Him known.

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Who Let The Homeschoolers Out?


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 Sometimes you just have to laugh.

This week a very well meaning person started talking with me about all of the homeschoolers they see "out in the stores" during "regular school hours".  Those poor children! Someone should really take the responsibility of teaching them seriously and just STAY AT HOME SO THEY CAN LEARN.

Where do you even start with this? 

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Classical Conversations: 10 Tips To Prevent Being Overwhelmed

  Classical Conversations: 10 Tips to Prevent Being Overwhelemed

Classical Conversations saved my homeschool.

At a time when my middle schooler was struggling with motivation, and I was struggling to keep a very precocious, bright 8 year old boy engaged and challenged, joining our local Classical Conversations community was a God send. 

Using the memory work as our spine and expanding upon the memory work worked well last year. Knowing that my Challenge A daughter's curriculum was fully planned was a huge relief to me.

I could quickly tell, however, that having children at all levels of CC (Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge) was going to be overwhelming. There is just SO MUCH. 

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