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LEGO┬« Bible Verse Copywork: FREE Download

 We're a little crazy for LEGO here in our home! 

In addition to the LEGO ideas and printables here on the blog, I've also authored a chapter in the Big Big of Homeschool Ideas - all about teaching with LEGO bricks! That chapter includes our favorite brick sets, easy ways to incorporate LEGOS into learning, and lesson ideas. 

Recently, my son has been recreating stories from the Bible with his LEGOs. It's been such fun!

I read a Bible story to him, and then he builds that story. Then, I give him a verse from that story as copywork. In this simple lesson we are learning SO much. 

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Homeschool Moms: Sometimes We Need To Ask For Help!

 Thank goodness we are officially on a one week fall break from Classical Conversations! The timing of this break is perfect, because we NEED IT!  We haven't cracked a book this week, and that's OK.

(I need to write a post about why I appreciate the SIMPLICITY of CC - because that has been a HUGE blessing to me this year!)

If you've been following along this week, I told you I've been taking things one day, one prayer at a time. I'm so thankful for this space to write and share my thoughts -- it's therapy of sorts. 

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One Day, One Prayer At a Time


It's been a LONG seven days.

When my daughter received this beautiful hand forged cross from a member of our church on Sunday, I couldn't hold back the tears. After the week I'd had it just meant so much to me. 

Let me preface this by sharing something about myself: I LOVE routine. I LOVE stability. I thrive on everything being orderly in my world. I devote a lot of my energy to making sure my life is calm and predictable.

My life has been the OPPOSITE of all of those things this week. 

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