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A Chore System that Finally works!

Is it discouraging to you when you hear about families where the children WILLINGLY and CHEERFULLY assist their parents in household chores?

It is for me... especially because I don't have children that jump out of bed in the morning willing to serve around the house. 

Inspiring Children to Help With Household Chores

I have GOOD kids, but a system of organization - especially for completing the daily necessities of life - was lacking.  We all need this - not just children!

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Challenge A: Reflections and Tips

  Challenge A: Reflections and Tips

Now that our year in Challenge A is complete, I can reflect and write.

Readers have emailed lots of questions about Challenge A. I've had tons of thoughts swirling in my head about how I will do Challenge A differently when my son gets to that point. 

I want to share in the hope  it will help others - and to document the most exceptional year of our homeschool journey thus far.

Challenge A can be a shock to a child's (and a parent's) system. I cleared our schedule of anything that wasn't absolutely necessary so we could focus on having a productive school year. I knew going in that this year was going to require a lot of ME, the parent. 

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Step Outside Yourself


 I recently learned a lesson about love, generosity, and pure compassion from my twelve year old.

It is a lesson on stepping outside of yourself, having no fear, and living boldly for Jesus. 

The world is not about us. It just isn't.

Step Outside Yourself - Letting Your Child Serve Others in Difficult Situations

It isn't about the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, or the vacations we take. 

It isn't about the homes we live in, the social circles we run in, or the many marks of status we so proudly wear.

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