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5 Ways To Develop Kids' Hearts For Missions 


5 Ways to Develop Kids' Heart for Missions

Caring for others isn't a box we check off as Christians.

It is a way of life. 

It is a way of life I want to model for my children each and every day.  It is a way of life I am COMMANDED to model for all those around me. 

If you've been reading here for any length of time you know the struggle I've been going through - seeing children in orphanages in Ecuador left me heartbroken and feeling helpless. I'm learning, however, that God wanted me broken so I could do more for HIM. 

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LEGO Minifig Summer Fun Writing Prompts - Free Download


Free LEGO Minifig Writing Prompt Download - Summer Fun

It's been too long since I've offered a free LEGO Minifig writing prompt download!

As my son has been happily absorbed in his LEGO bricks again this week, I was motivated to give him some writing prompts for summer. 

Because let's face it: Sometimes our children need motivation to write, and anything LEGO seems to motivate a lot of kids I know! 

This download contains 10 summer writing prompts and also a grammar rule (a learning "take away" if you will) that is impotant for children to master. Each prompt is followed by lined paper, and the end of the download includes a page of minifigs to cut and clor. 

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5 Favorite Resources for Homeschooling


5 Favorite Resources for Homeschooling


After several years of trying (what feels like) everything out there on the market for homeschoolers, I feel confident in sharing the very few things that we just can't live without!

Less really IS more when it comes to our homeschool. Less choices allow me to focus on what we have and to use those resources to their full potential. 

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you might be familiar with the journey I am on to simplify our lives. Just a few weeks ago I cleaned out our entire downstairs and got rid of over half of the "things" that were cluttering my heart, mind, and home. 

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