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Learn About Pi With LEGO┬« Bricks - Free Printable


Learn About Pi with LEGO Bricks

Let's completely geek out for this post. 

Stick with me. This was a FUN activity with my nine year old son, and I am just willing to bet that you have a child similar to him living in your house, too!

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Music Resources for CC Cycle 2 - With a Bonus Giveaway!


Last week our local CC community began our musical studies with a drama of Peter and The Wolf. It was so much fun!  Learning about the instruments through this musical classic is the perfect way to kick off any child's study of great music. 

{Stick around and at the end of the post you can win a copy of Peter and the Wolf from Maestro Classics!}

One thing I have learned through being involved with Classical Conversations is that less really is more. The material is of such a high quality, that if I find one or two good supplements to the memory work/art and music suggestions then we're good. 

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Are You Qualified To Teach Your Own Child?



Not everyone is qualified to teach their own child. 

Staunch homeschooling advocates will answer the question, "Are you qualified to teach your own child?" with an unequivocable YES. 

YES. Simply by being a child's parent gives you the qualifications to educate them yourself at home. Parents do the very best they can, and by the grace of God any educational gaps  melt away. Anyone can homeschool their own child. 

Flip the coin.

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