Homeschool Middle School

Homeschooling Middle School

The Middle Grades are a fabulous time to draw closer to our children - when we might feel like pulling away. Our children need us more than ever, and these formative years are the perfect time to provide our children with a feast of beautiful, challenging subject matter. The following posts are from my experience homeschooling middle school! 

Homeschooling the Middle School Boy

Middle school boyhood is this magical time of inbetween-ness.... our boys are growing so quickly, yet they are struggling to remain young and boyish inside.

One day they are examining their armpits for the evidence of hair, and the next they are asking you to to snuggle on the couch.

One day they are smack talking on the football field with their buddies, and the next they are asking you to be tucked in at night.

This dichotomy is a beautiful thing. 

We get both the glimpse of the little boy and the picture of the budding young man. 

Three Ways to Foster Independence in the Middle Grades Child

One of the biggest challenges that comes with homeschooling "big kids" is fostering independence.

The middle grades years are relatively "low stakes" and are the perfect training ground for independence.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I can share what we have done with our children in their middle school years.

Engaging Book Series for Middle School Boys

Does your child enjoy reading?  

Some children naturally pick up books and read them - they are their hobby, an old friend they enjoy spending time with.

Other children would rather do anything EXCEPT read a book.  

I understand. I have one book worm and another "not-so" book worm.  

Some mean parents actually MAKE their children sit down and read (that's me!). Recently, however, we've discovered some engaging book series that have kept my middle school boy INTERESTED IN READING.