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The 50 Books I Read in One Year

Every New Year I see reading challenges. I breeze right past them because I know I could not possibly have the time to read ALL of those books.

Can you relate?

For some reason, however, reading jumped to the top of my list in January, and I was led to set a Good Reads goal of reading FIFTY books.  (I understand that for some people, 50 books might not seem a lot. For me, however, homeschooling my children and running a curriculum business leaves me precious little time - 50 books was an ambitious goal!)


Increased reading is one of the marvelous by-products of homeschooling your children.

Increased reading ALOUD, but also increased personal reading, have benefitted my life and my children's lives in so many ways.

Last night, as I began the latest book  in my stack (one I've been waiting to get my hands on for several weeks now), it hit me what a blessing reading has been the past couple of years.

I'm a bit obsessed with books, y'all.