All About Reading

Teach Your Child to Read with All About Reading.  Why We Love All About Reading, Tips & Tricks for Using All About Reading - and more!

All About Reading

All About Reading is a multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching children how to read. These posts tell you a little more about the program, as well as provides tips and tricks for using All About Reading. 

All About Reading at Homegrown Learners

The Power of Orton-Gillingham

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All About Reading is a multi-sensory reading program. Children see, say, hear, and touch during their lessons. It works for all learning styles.

  • Build words using phonogram tiles on a magnetic white board
  • Review word and phonogram cards
  • Read aloud stories
  • Fun activities
  • Short lessons

If you are looking for a program to help you teach your child to read, I hope you consider All About Reading for your homeschool. If you were looking for that nudge to go ahead and make the switch to All About Reading, this is it. :-)


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The AAR Teacher's Manual guides you step by step through each lesson. Here's a quick rundown of how the different components are used in a typical lesson:

  • Review phonogram and word cards taught in previous lessons
  • Use the magnetic phonogram and letter tiles as you work through the new lesson
  • Do the assigned activities and reading practice pages from the activity book
  • Introduce any new phonogram and/or word cards for the lesson
  • Student reads aloud assigned stories from their AAR reader about every other lesson or so