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Today's topic at The Homeschool Village is how you celebrate birthdays during the school year. Well, my daughter's birthday is in the dead of summer (July) and we always celebrate by taking our family vacation around her birthday. She has been to the beach, grandma and & grandpa's house, and NY for her birthday celebrations. What a lucky girl! We always celebrate at home, though, too - and I love it that our celebrations always center around the same dining room table that I had in my house growing up as a little girl!

My daughter's last birthday was super special - a friend of mine made an American Girl cake for her - and WOW, was it a cake, or what??

She also shared the day with her best friend. What could get any better?

My son, however, has a birthday two weeks before Christmas. We try to do something special of his choosing on his birthday. It always involves inviting a good friend to spend the evening with us to celebrate. Here the boys are anxiously awaiting birthday presents!

A couple of years ago he chose to go to the Georgia Aquarium. Daddy took the day off and we had such a good time.

Dinner was GMan's choice -- at his favorite: IHop!

Each of my children has a scrapbook of their first year of life, and I put that book out on the coffee table for the week surrounding their birthday. We go through it and I tell them stories about their first year of life. It is such a special time. If we have family and friends over for a birthday celebration, then I leave out all of their scrapbooks for the guests to look through. It makes my children feel like the King or Queen for that day.

I am also a firm believer in not having to do schoolwork on your birthday!! This is a definite advantage to homeschooling, that's for sure.

In closing, I'd like to share our children's favorite birthday cake recipe with you. It is for a Peppermint Poke Cake, and it is disgustingly good! My daughter helps me make the cake and I think we have the recipe memorized.

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