Goodies to Make with the Kids this Week!

Let me preface this by saying I CANNOT take any credit for these cute little creations. We have wonderful neighbors who live across the street from us who love to bake and share for almost every holiday and birthday. They are the type of family that would do anything for you, and believe me - they have done a lot for our family since we have lived here. Their children are married or in college, so I think they like doing things for young families and spending time with my children. I can't say enough about the value of having neighbors like this! Tonight our neighbor called and said they would like to bring over some Halloween goodies. When I saw their creations I thought I would do a blog post about it, because the ideas are simple and fun!

This ghost is a Nutter Butter, covered with Wilton candy melts, and mini M&Ms for eyes.

The witch's hat is a Fudge Stripe cookie with a Hershey's kiss fastened on with a little frosting... which was then used to make the ribbon on the hat.

The pumpkin is just an Oreo covered with candy melts again, a candy corn stem, and Halloween sprinkles for the face.

The best thing is -- my kids get a dose of making things like this each week. The same neighbor that made us these goodies also keeps my children while I give piano lessons each Tuesday afternoon. She bakes with them, teaches them new card games, plays badminton - last year she even made a terrarium with them! How lucky am I?

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