Multitutde Monday #241-260

holy experience

Fall is arriving in our part of the country and it seems like a lot of what I'm thankful for has to do with the change of seasons.

What I am thankful for:

241. Sleeping with the windows open
242. A big box of Halloween decorations
243. Apple pie
244. a giggling boy in the bathtub
245. long drives with good music
246. treadmills with televisions attached
247. A husband who knows what I need before I do
248. Sugar Cookie scented candles
249. wide parking places on the end
250. sale racks
251. basketball
252. my new bird feeder
253. chipmunks
254. a safe, quiet neighborhood for my kids to grow up in
255. indoor pools
256. The book of Nehemiah - I had never read it until yesterday
257. children with special needs who make me see the world in a whole different light
258. the mountains
259. chime clocks
260. hot tea

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