Multitude Monday #321-340

It has been another week of blessings, and I find myself sitting down to write this on Sunday night instead of Monday because I am bursting with things to be thankful for. I am linking up to A Holy Experience to share my gratitude journey. Please visit their site - you will be a repeat guest once you see what they have to offer.

321. Halloween candy!
322. A church home for my family
323. Fall scented Yankee Candles
324. a husband who carves pumpkins and walks trick or treaters around the neighborhood
325. the sale of my parent's home - now they can move into the community they have been looking at for some time
326. having a large part of my family at my home for Thanksgiving
327. Baseball - go Rangers!
328. the right to vote and the ability to share that experience with my children on Tuesday
329. Mummy Dogs!
330. NO alarm clocks tomorrow morning
331. Facebook. I know a lot of people are critical of it, but I love the chance to keep up with friends, share ideas, and stay connected to family.
332. kids that love to play and learn together:

333. a chance to go to the mountains and relax this weekend - I can't wait!
334. the peace that comes from "letting things go"
335. a long chat with my father-in-law this evening
336. Mad Men - I love that show!!
337. many happy Halloween memories - here's my cute little pumpkin, age 2:

338. NOT watching the news for the past several months
339. walks with friends
340. mornings when my husband brings my coffee upstairs before he goes to work

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