An Awesome Jesse Tree Download and Multitude Monday #401-420

It's not at all difficult to come up with my gratitude list just a few days after Thanksgiving. We have so much to be grateful for. I hope you have time to visit A Holy Experience today - you will be thankful you did! They are offering a free, printable Jesse Tree Devotional Book - complete with printable ornaments for your own Jesse Tree. If you subscribe to their site you can download it all, and it's beautiful! I can't wait to start this with my children today.

Now, on to my list:

401. A New Green Bean Casserole Recipe - thank you, Paula Deen
402. Giggling cousins having a sleepover, planning the Thanksgiving decorations late into the night
403. My oldest niece, Mariah, who is a wonderful high school Spanish teacher. For being 23, she has such a level head and good attitude.
404. My niece, Janie, who has big dreams and will probably achieve most of them - she's a great musician and a wonderful sister, too.
405. My niece, Megan, who is so good with children and has a sweet, sweet spirit.
406. Warm, fuzzy boots
407. a sense of humor
408. a mother who is also my best friend and supporter
409. old family photos
410. jellied cranberry sauce in the can
411. all the cousins trying to teach my youngest how to play Marco Polo in the pool - he didn't quite get it, but had so much fun anyway
412. my sister, Katie - Happy Birthday!
413. knowing that I have so many people I can depend upon - it is such a blessing
414. my daughter playing Christmas Carols on the piano, and her little brother humming them for the rest of the day
415. Josh Groban's Christmas music

416. online renewal of library books
417. a new pecan pie scented candle - made my house smell soooo good!
418. BIG umbrellas when it's pouring outside
419. Milk Duds & Popcorn at the movies
420. Going to bed EARLY!

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