Six Years Ago This Weekend....

My son's birthday is Sunday. I had NO IDEA how much he would change my life - do we ever really have an idea of how our child will change us? I had my little princess and when I found out I was pregnant with a boy I was - truthfully - terrified! At 28 weeks I went into preterm labor - which was controlled with medication. So, bedrest for mom. I was beginning to learn PATIENCE from him already! He was born on Decebmer 12, 2004 (5 weeks early, but amazingly very healthy and 6 lbs!). He was little, didn't even open his eyes for the first couple of weeks.

The first year of GMan's life was HARD - I had a terrible time with postpartum depression, then we moved - if you've ever moved with a three year old and newborn, you know it's kind of tough. I must say, however, that this little guy was beginning to develop such a sweet, silly spirit! This video was taken when he was about nine months old -- I love watching it -- it makes me remember what a sweet baby he was, and how much I love him now!

From the minute GMan was born, my daughter took such good care of him, as she continues to do.... here she is (I think G was about three months old) "writing a story" for her little brother. I am so grateful to have captured moments like this on camera!

I love to watch my children's progression from their birth until their current birthdays! Here's a look at GMan:

Second Birthday With Mom:

Third Birthday With Mom:

Fourth Birthday With Dad (and lots of Spiderman RED icing!)

Fifth Birthday With Mom and Dad (photo taken by Miss B)

GMan Now -- Our Baseball Player!

My sweet, sweet boy -
I had no idea what my life was missing until God gave me you.
Your love for life and everything it has to offer is infectious.
I love how you just look at me and smile
Or come to give me a kiss and a hug for no reason.
I am so blessed to be able to spend each and every day with you -
Sometimes I wish you would just stay little,
But as you grow and accomplish so much I can see that
God has GREAT things in store for you.

I love you!

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