Multitude Monday #461-480

I am thankful for:

461. days spent with my family, relaxing and celebrating Christmas
462. a WHITE Christmas here in the South!
463. books, books and more books - the present my children received the most this Christmas
464. patience in dealing with a tough family situation
465. Paula Deen's Foolproof Standing Rib Roast recipe -- I HIGHLY recommend!
466. two long telephone conversations on Christmas day with my sisters
467. a new wallet from my father-in-law -- my favorite gift!

468. my children's contentment with doing Christmas a little different this year
469. spending a WHOLE morning doing nothing but laying on the sofa and being LAZY!
470. a favorite recipe we all love - Strawberry Onion Salad with Poppyseed Dressing
471. a quiet hour last night with my nine year old - letting her teach ME about Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods
472. a quiet movie night with my husband
473. Cuddle Duds! It's been COLD here!
474. Nerf guns - my son is having so much fun.
475. the gift of music
476. a keyboard from Santa -- and HEADPHONES!
477. a new friend
478. hummus
479. the public library - ours is wonderful and has a great interlibrary loan system
480. another week to clean up from Christmas, relax, and get ready for 2011!

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