Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Who would have thought that last year at this time Georgia was suffering from a severe drought? Right now we are suffering from bad moods and boredom because of so much rain! If I see another day of gray, dreary drizzle with temperatures in the 40s I think I just might go crazy! Thank goodness we are headed to Naples, FL, next week to visit with my mom and dad. The kids are excited because this will be Gizmo's (our Shih Tsu) first time on vacation with us. It should be interesting. :-)

Things continue to progress well with homeschooling. I am beginning to see a whole other side of my daughter that I thought was lost somewhere in the middle of second grade, and I am so happy. We are noticing that everyone in our house is happier, more relaxed, and just enjoying each other's company so much more. I have to admit I wasn't completely sold on the idea of homeschooling at first, but I now believe it when people say you will discover so many blessings along the way and your family will be stronger because of the journey. God is good, that is for sure.

We finished a beautiful book this week, "The Secret of the Andes" that kept both Anna and I enthralled. It's very interesting to learn about the Ancient Incans and just what a sophisticated society they were. I love using the Sonlight homeschool curriculum because it does not "talk down" to children - the literature is beautiful, and the subject matter is sophisticated and solid.

My iphone is also coming in quite handy for homeschool (all the more reason I need a newer, faster, phone -- HAL!). We are doing multiplication drills on the phone and Anna can now do times tables at 35 mph. Pretty cool. Better yet -- I think I need an iPad come spring to really be the best homeschooling mom possible! Oh, and who knew you could play math games on the Wii, too? The site is Arcademicskillbuilders and it is great! I relax math instruction on Friday and ditch the workbook in lieu of games like this.

Grant continues to toodle along happily in preschool at our church - what a blessing! Today was backwards day, so he went with his shirt backwards and even read a book to me backwards this morning! He is a clever little guy. Of course, once the weekend gets here it's all about unlocking the Spear on Mario Kart - so I am sure we will work on this tomorrow and Sunday. He begins to play t-ball in just a few weeks and Hal and I are very excited to see how he likes it.

On a personal note, I think it's amazing the way God works on us throughout our lives. Over the past year I have had several glaring examples of just how NOT in control of my life I really am. First, surgery and a difficult recovery. Then, stomach problems (which took a long time to diagnose). Then (and still!), a herniated disc that causes pain every day. All of this after 37 years of perfect health. Go figure. I think God was telling me to SLOW DOWN, trust HIM, and spend more time with my precious children and time helping others. As I do these things, I am feeling so peaceful and content. And of course I have the best life partner in the world who shares all of this with me.

We continue to pray for the future of our church, as our congregation faces a difficult vote over the issue of same-sex people in leadership positions in our church. Regardless of our stand on the issue, it is bound hurt our church family and this is so sad to me. Our church is a wonderful collection of people who love each other so very much - it is sad when politics and agendas of larger bodies work to destroy that. I know many Lutheran churches are going through the same thing and it saddens me.

That's all the musings I have for this evening.... enjoy the video of my little G rocking out to the Mario Kart music!