The Woodcutter's Wisdom

Today was a disjointed day because I had a dentist appointment in the morning. I am fortunate, however, to have a sweet father-in-law who kept my children during my appointment and even took them to get new Crocs during that time! Grant chose electric orange and Anna's are bubblegum pink. They looked so cute on them. After my appointment he took us all to eat lunch at Steak 'n Shake. Yummm!!!!!!!

Tonight was also the end of a chapter in my life. I have been serving on the preschool board at our church for the past three years and have really loved every minute of it. My son will be out of preschool in just a month, and my term on the board is over. :-( I read a great devotion at the meeting tonight by Max Lucado , a story entitled "The Woodcutter's Wisdom". It was a beautiful devotion about how our lives and the events in them are merely "fragments" - and only God knows the whole story and he has written the final chapter. It moved me when I read it at our meeting, but when I got home I read the devotion to my husband and daughter in lieu of a bedtime story. My sweet Anna said to me, "Can we do devotions like this instead of our normal ones?". Well, lo and behold this story is just the first in a collection, so yes, we will do more like this! It's funny how gifts from God just drop into your lap isn't it?

Our family is going through a bit of a rough time now as we are changing churches. The devotion helped me to see that this patch is just a "fragment" in the grander plan of our lives. And while the issue of clergy in same sex relationships is plaguing the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and our congregation in particular, I have to believe that God has it on our hearts to move forward to a place where our beliefs are more in line with other church members. I am sad for myself because I LOVE so many people in our church, and I am very sad for my children, who have loved this church since we moved here five years ago. BUT, God has a plan and I will not worry about tomorrow, because today has enough worries of its own.

While I don't feel we accomplished anything grand and wonderful in homeschool today (well, maybe we did do some good work with fractions this morning!), I can say that we ended the day with our family sitting together and sharing this wonderful story. God is very good.