Why is always the children that suffer?

Our world is such a dangerous place, full of so many evils and bad influences for our children. The family should be the one place a child feels safe and loved. In my own life at this moment I can tell you about three families that I know of who are going through painful divorces, all where children are involved. Tonight I even found myself asking God how He could allow this to happen to some children who are very special to me? All I can ask if that if you read this post, please say a prayer for all children who are being affected by divorce and its aftermath. While I know several families that have gone through divorce amicably, I now know several that have not been so nice and the CHILDREN SUFFER. These children, who did not ask for any of this, are the ones who pay the steepest price.

So, while I was mostly consumed with my day with my two children, maybe I should have spent a little bit more of that day in prayer for the children who will not be in a loving and safe home tonight. Just a little something for us all to think about.