Beanie Baby Math

Technically, we are not having "school" this week, due to my son's spring break from preschool. I have, however, been gathering materials in anticipation for him being at home with us in the fall. One of the books I got for him through a Scholastic flyer was "If You Were a Plus Sign". This book is one is a series of books about addition, multiplication, division, etc....

I read him the book this morning and he really liked it. He was clutching some Beanie Babies while I was reading him the book, so to reinforce the concept of addition we got out 10 Beanie Babies. (We must have at least 100 Beanie Babies - my mom and dad collected them for the grandchildren!) He started making up his own word problems with the Beanie Babies. "If two Beanie Babies, Bongo and Flash, were sitting in mom's lap, and then mom took two away there would be none!" This was after we had read the Minus Sign book. Who says we need to have a math textbook/workbook for him to grasp these concepts?
I think Kindergarten at home next year is going to be loads of fun!