"Three Names of Me"


Today we began our official "homeschool wind-down"! My son had a special day at preschool - a field trip to a local children's museum. So, I decided my daughter and I should take a trip to the nail salon to get a pedicure. We met my dear friend, Karen. We got to know Karen two years ago when she and her husband were just bringing their son, Micah, home from China. We have been blessed in so many ways by knowing their family - seeing an adoption story firsthand has broadened our horizons and given us an appreciation for our precious children really are.

Karen brought a book for Anna - "Three Names of Me". Inside the front cover Karen wrote to Anna: "From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues come our honors." I am so thankful to Karen for taking the time to explain to Anna all about Micah's (and later in the summer a second little boy's!) adoption journey. Connections like this help my daughter to think so deeply and compassionately about others -- she has a sweet and tender heart and is always willing to help others. When Karen and Bruce brought Micah home Anna said "Can we go get one?" To an eight year old it's just that simple!

So, while we did not officially "homeschool" today, I am certain Anna got a lesson in compassion from a good friend. God is good!