Getting Along, blah blah blah

Wow - are my children the only ones in the world who fight with each other? Sometimes it feels that way to me, and the past several days have been particularly bad. In doing some reading last night I came across this book entitled "Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends". It was posted on a summer reading list for moms on the 5Js website (I love her site!). After reading the reviews on Amazon I figured I will give it a try and make it our morning devotion once my son is homeschooled full time (which is in three short weeks!).

Completely unrelated the brother and sister topic is the map my daughter is making of the Thirteen Colonies. I read on a blog about making salt dough maps. So, we are giving it a go. We transferred the map to the inside of a pizza box and tomorrow will mix the dough and shape it to the outline of the map. Should be fun! I'm not a very crafty person, but with step by step directions I can handle most anything.

That's it for today!