I am so blessed to have an amazing mother - one who has always been my best friend, encourager and supporter. I hope that my children will say the same thing about me one day. The sermon this morning was about loving your children "just because they showed up". Wow. That will stick with me for a while. Some days (especially since we have started homeschooling) I tend to get frustrated and short with my kids. I am ashamed to say I have even had days when I think how much I could get done if I didn't have to worry about these kids.

God has given me two precious gifts - my daughter and son. They look to me for everything now. That is an awesome responsibility, but one I am happy to have. I hope that through our homeschooling journey we will grow closer and this closeness will pass from generation to generation. That's how it has been in my family, and in my husband's family, too.

Happy Mother's Day!