We had a relaxing, but productive weekend in our house. It began with a busy day on Saturday of yardwork, cleaning out JUNK from the playroom to begin the conversion to schoolroom, a visit to the YMCA, a birthday party, and Johnny's Pizza. As I was driving to the YMCA I wondered when all of a sudden my life became so busy. When the children were little we had a lot more time because there were a lot less friends and activities. Now, however, it seems like most every weekend is taken up with something. I just need to be careful that our busy-ness is worthwhile and that we have enough quality time to spend together as a family.

On Sunday we visited a new church in our area. It was Presbyterian USA church, and the service felt quite similar to the Lutheran church we have been attending for the past five years. After we left my husband and I both agreed, however, we just didn't get any warm or friendly feelings from the church. I was sad, because I am desperately wanting to find a place to worship where all of my family will feel comfortable. I think, though, that this God's way of making me slow down (you think I would get the point by now, right?) and take some time to find a place that fits. It is interesting to worship in different places and I'm thankful for the opportunity to visit so many beautiful places of worship in our area. I am also starting to see that it's not so much your order of worship or long standing traditions that matter, it is your relationship with Jesus and how your community of faith enhances your ability to use that relationship for the good of others.

We tried to go to an Army Ground Forces band concert on Sunday evening, but it was rained out! Thankfully, our good friends thought it was a great idea to meet at the local Mexican restaurant and have some margaritas and a little dinner, too. If you click on the link to their blog you will be blessed by their adoption story, soon to be stories!

Today was the first day of swim lessons for both of my children. We love the woman who we took swim lessons from last year and will do the same again this summer. My 8 year old daughter is on the synchronized swim team and my 5 year old son is taking basic swimming lessons. Our entire summer centers around these lessons, because they occur twice each week. The only other summer commitments are a VBS and one day camp for each of the kids. SO, it is my goal to focus on myself this summer and make it to the YMCA at least three times a week and lose some weight in the process. My back issues have prevented me from being as active as I would like, but with some good physical therapy and proper exercises I am feeling better and ready to get back into shape! Our local YMCA is a beautiful facility and I love the indoor pool! The kids have gotten involved in their tennis program, and my husband works out there when he doesn't go to the gym downtown by his office. I think a YMCA membership is a great investment for a homeschooling family!

It seems that I've rambled a bit more in this post and not really talked much about homeschooling at all. Funny, but that's how my thoughts have been this weekend - I've had lots on my mind, and haven't really thought about "school" that much - which is OK because I needed a break. Tomorrow will begin with our normal morning routine and a light schedule of math and handwriting, after which we will go the YMCA for swimming and workout time for mom!