Homeschooling: A Family Affair

I hear stories of homeschooling parents whose extended families aren't always supportive of their endeavors. I consider our family so fortunate to be blessed with grandparents and aunts and uncles who support our journey and take a part in our homeschooling. I am even amazed at how, while some of them live far from us, they make an effort to help. I appreciate this so much, because sometimes homeschooling feels like a marathon, and it's nice to have your family cheering you on.

Normally the homeschool teacher is our house is me - on certain special occasions it might be my husband. I love the times when my children are learning from people other than me, especially if these people happen to be family. Last night was just such a time, and while I didn't plan it, I think my children learned a lot!

They learn how to behave at a nice dinner. Life isn't always peanut butter and jellies sitting at the kitchen table, is it? Oooooh, is my darling daughter putting her fist up to her brother's face? Surely not.

They learn about math. Believe it or not, as I was helping my father-in-law pick wine for dinner it turned into a mini math lesson (review of our 12s times tables and addition and subtraction)- this is just one of the places he keeps wine in his house.

Since my daughter loves her new pink digital camera, she learns a lot about photography -- and the interesting wall hangings in the pool table area of the basement.

They learn about things in grandaddy's yard - after dinner I sent them out with a plastic bag and asked them each to find 10 interesting things in the yard. A little nature study, right? As I was out with them it was also just a quiet time for us to have conversation, which is a cool thing to do with a five and eight year old!

It doesn't look like the figs are quite ready to pick yet, either.

After the treasures from outside had been spread on the table,

Aunt Julie showed Anna that the branch from the Tulip Poplar tree makes a great set of antlers!

And, what night would be complete without a game of "Steal the Pack"?

One of the real benefits of homeschooling is that it changes the way your family looks at every situation. Every moment is an opportunity for us to learn - and while yesterday didn't get marked on our attendance sheet towards the required 180 days of school required by the state, I know we were learning!

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