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A while back I was reading through some homeschool blogs and found a very neat project - on a site where the author encouraged everyone to list 1,000 things they were grateful for. You can blog them, or just journal them for yourself. Monday is a wonderful day to do this because it gets your day off to a good start with an attitude of thankfulness. So, I'm planning on doing this each Monday - 20 things each week - let's see.... that will take me 50 weeks to complete this project. I love the piano music on this site - it provides a great background while I'm typing.

So, here goes: the first twenty things I am grateful for

1. the gift of music
2. a quiet house at daybreak
3. hot cups of coffee
4. a great book on my nightstand
5. my husband (today is my 13th anniversary, and this picture is from probably 14 years ago)
6. a good car that is paid for
7. birds chirping as I walk the dog in the morning
8. wonderful neighbors
9. the freedom to wake up each day and do essentially what I choose
10. my basement (junk collection place!)
11. my first born (wasn't she just the cutest, chunkiest thing?)

12. a college education that was given to me by my parents
13. Cocoa Krispies
14. Diet Coke
15. my black Yamaha piano (and again, that sweet baby on my lap!)

16. good camps for my 2 children (where they will be ALL this week!)
17. anything with mushrooms in it
18. quiet children
19. Scrabble
20. a beautiful, green front yard I can see while I sit at the computer

If you feel inspired, try to keep track of 1,000 things you are thankful for - I'm looking forward to the journey of gratitude!

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