Multitude Monday

holy experience

It is week two of my gratitude journal (#21-40) , so here goes:

I am thankful for

21. children's laughter
22. friends
23. flannel sheets
24. drives alone on country roads
25. my favorite song of all time "Time to Say Goodbye" (it literally gives me chills)

26. dry erase markers
27. thunderstorms
28. having a good book on my nightstand
29. my sister, Katie :-)
30. my ability to play the piano
31. quiet mornings before the children are awake
32. growing up by the beach
33. the tooth fairy (my son lost his first tooth yesterday!)
34. irons
35. my steam refresh dryer (so why do I still need #34?)
36. crickets
37. soft carpet
38. Chick Fil-A Cookies and Cream shakes
39. bubblegum
40. good healthcare
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