Miss B's Book Review: The Cabin Faced West

Why I liked "The Cabin Faced West"
by Miss B

This week I read The Cabin Faced West by Jean Fritz. I liked this book because it is historical fiction. It took place during the Revolutionary War in the 1700s. The main characters are Ann, Ann's parents, David, Daniel, Arthur Scott, and George Washington. The story begins with Ann not liking her home. She has come there from Gettysburg, but her new home is very different and on the western frontier of Pennsylvania. She doesn't like it because she has no friends.

Later on (as soon as George Washington comes to visit) she changes her mind. He came to her house to have dinner because he was hungry and he owned the land. Then, her only friend there, Andy, asked her if she would like to go with him to where her home used to be. She says no but offers to teach him to read and write. She teaches him and sometimes he leaves messages for her, and Ann always corrects the spelling.

In the end, the last thing Andy does for her is put a new deerskin cover on her diary. I thought this book sounded true and it turned out that it was! I learned this in the author's note at the end of the book. If you like true stories and exciting adventures, I think YOU should read this book!

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