Multitude Monday

holy experience

What I am thankful for #41-60

41. Rain! (specifically storms in the middle of the night that deliver a lot of rain)
42. family reunions
43. my good friend, Lynn, who encourages me as a mom
44. a husband who enjoys yardwork
45. all things Macintosh
46. healthy children
47. the ability to take my life in any direction I choose
48. kitty cats
49. The Atlanta Braves and how much my son loves them! (Here's his favorite player)

50. cool toes in warm sand

51. seeing my little girl's toes in the warm sand

52. a forgiving husband
53. Starbuck's skinny vanilla latte
54. history, and what we can learn from it
55. cross stitch
56. my book light
57. synchronized swimming lessons for my daughter

58. Michael W. Smith - his music is so uplifting to me!

59. night skies with lots of stars
60. my sweet, lovable, and stubborn dog, Gizmo

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