Making Math Fun!! - drills on the Wii

One of my biggest goals this homeschool year is to make math fun! A while back I introduced The Number Ladder Game . We have played this game so much - this week we will go on to another game in the book because we are having such success with the Number Ladder Game.

Another way I'm trying to make math fun for my kids is by incorporating some technology - specifically the Wii. Now, I know there are certain contingencies out there that do not like video games. I will warn you that we are NOT one of these families! We love our Wii and I think my kids have learned a whole lot from the games we play on the Wii. I can't even remember where I found out about this site, but earlier this year we stumbled upon Arcademic Skill Builders, which is a site that has math games you can play on the computer or (drum roll).... on the Wii!

To get to the Wii games you simply choose the Internet Channel option from your Wii home menu. Is your Wii configured to your wireless connection? If not, it should be! Then type in your web address: Once there, you need to select "play on the Wii" and it gives you several options of addition, subtraction, and multiplication "Alien Addition" has been a great game for my Kindergartener who is working on his basic math facts,
and it doesn't hurt for my fourth grader to review all her facts with the addition, multiplication, and subtraction games, either!

There are also some word games to play on the Wii on this same website, but we haven't tried them yet. I'm sure they are fun. I have also yet to let my kids play the regular computer games on this site, but again - they look like fun to me.

Perhaps a fitting reward for completing a difficult math lesson one day would be the next day choose a fun math activity such as playing the Number Ladder Game with mom, or turning on the Wii to drill your math facts. I just am waiting for the day when a non homeschooler asks my five year old what he did in school today and he says "I played the Wii!". Who ever thought school could be that fun?
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