The Sound of Music

Earlier this year, I was an ambassador for "Little House on the Prairie, the Musical" which came to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. We helped promote the show and received four free tickets to the musical. My daughter invited two of her friends and it really was a fun time.

I'm so excited to be promoting another show - this time it is "The Sound of Music", (check out the video clips at this link!) once again at the Fabulous Fox. If you live in the Atlanta area, you can get discount tickets at any Publix.

I have heard this is a wonderful show, and we can't wait to visit the Fox again!

I have such fond memories of my dad singing music from "The Sound of Music". In fact, I always wanted to name my first daughter Liesel, but if you know my last name you know it just doesn't work out! Here is the song that just reduces me to tears every time I hear it (sorry about the subtitles - couldn't find just a plain version of the song!):

I took my daughter to see the VonTrapp family singers a number of years ago, and it was so moving. I'll let you know how the musical is once we've seen it - and if you live in the Atlanta area you should see if you should get discount tickets and join us!
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