Multitude Monday #61-80

holy experience

It's the third week of doing this, and I find it a good way to start my week by listing twenty things that I'm grateful for. Some are small and some are big, but all of them put together continue to show me how blessed I really am.

What I am thankful for #61-80

61. Ceiling fans (it is 100 degrees here today!)
62. My sweet father-in-law
63. Children singing....we heard the most wonderful choir in church today!
64. a husband who likes to pay the bills!
65. my piano students who I look forward to seeing each week
66. making new blog friends
67. Ok....I hate to admit this, but....The Young and the Restless

68. Plug-in air fresheners
69. babysitters
70. Ice cream (chocolate raspberry truffle from Brewster's to be exact!)
71. Rita's Italian Ice

72. lazy, rainy mornings
73. my ceramic hair straightener
74. fancy bookmarks
75. books, books, books!!
76. a great friendship my daughter has - a good friend to stick by you through thick and thin is rare these days!

77. Facebook, so I can keep in touch with my best childhood friend!
78. my HUGE washer and dryer
79. children who can sort and start their own laundry!
80. my Sleep Number Bed

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