SQUILT lesson - August 23

Here is this week's SQUILT lesson. I'm still trying to figure out the best format for posting, so bear with me.

Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony #94 "Surprise"

Click here to listen

I love today's piece by Haydn because of the story behind it. After your read the Wikipedia article, see if you can hear where the loudest (surprise) note is. Can your children hear it? Have them raise their hand when they hear it. The word for loud in music is forte. What instruments do they hear? This is an orchestra, but just strings and woodwinds. Have them color a picture of Haydn. This selection is a bit longer, so older students can fill out the SQUILT form and younger ones can color or draw a picture to illustrate what they hear. Why not keep some Haydn playing all day during your homeschool? The possibilities are endless!!
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