Teaching Music with The Muppets

Perhaps this will seem a bit unconventional, but our music lesson today consisted of three episodes of "The Muppet Show". (I have a secret obsession with Animal from The Muppet Show.... I always wanted to be a puppeteer, and he would be my dream puppet! Crazy, huh?) Do you realize what an education you and your children can receive by watching "The Muppet Show"? I'm serious. Put the episodes in your Netflix queue (or watch some on Youtube) and wait for them to show up - it will be a great family time together, and with a little narration from you, it can turn into a learning experience!

Oh, I know we all talk about composer study and taking piano lessons, etc...., but this morning we just kicked back and laughed ourselves silly with The Muppets.

I'll just outline a few things that can be learned from the first episode we watched, which featured country singer Roy Clarke:

1. Roy is a Country & Western singer (this is a genre of music)

2. He played the mandolin, fiddle, banjo and electric guitar ( learning about instruments)

3. On the show there was a barbershop quartet ( a group of four musicians)

4. Do you know how many puns and how much sarcasm is used in a typical episode? It's amazing really - and I think it sharpens my kids' sense of humor.

5. Roy sings the song "Rocky Top" - I played it for my kids on the piano and we learned to sing it. It is also in my daughter's piano book (exposing my kids to folk songs)

6. Boy did we LAUGH!! I loved this show as a kid, and my kids think it is so funny - it piggybacks on our trip to our local Center for Puppetry Arts, too.

Check it our for yourself:

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