Multitude Monday #181-200

Bholy experience

What I am thankful for - #181-200

181. people who don't hold grudges
182. little bottles of hand sanitizer
183. the time that is left over when you are early
184. the first break in heat after a LONG, HOT summer
185. a sense of humor
186. a great mini series we have been watching, "Wild China"

187. the Dollar Store
188. metronomes
189. bunny rabbits in my front yard at dusk (wish I had gotten a picture!)
190. my husband, who makes sure to spend time with each child doing what they love on the weekends.
191. singing children
192. colored paperclips
193. The Muppets!
194. highlighters
195. candied fruit slices
196. fun stickers
197. funny baby pictures

198. self-control
199. NO self-control :-)
200. Sunday afternoon naps