Great Library Find - Superhero ABC

"Learn Your ABCs with the heroes of the universe!"

During our last trip to the library GMan picked out what I initially thought was going to be a boring/cheesy book. Boy, was I WRONG! I can't tell you the number of times he read through the book, and the number of times I read the book to him. Even thought he already has solidified the sounds that each letter makes and reads quite well, he picked up so many great new words - just from the A's alone we had alien, alert and awesome. Each page was humorous, too - making the big words not seem quite so difficult.

If you have a little boy who loves superheros, this book is definitely for you - even my nine year old daughter enjoyed reading it because of the way the words tickled our tongues!

So, if you're reading this - add Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod to your library list - you will be glad!
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