Multitude Monday #221-240

holy experience

What I am thankful for #221-240

221. rain!
222. a lazy Sunday afternoon with my family
223. Hungry Hippos!
224. chipmunks
225. bluejays
226. a talented tball coach
227. my down comforter
228. mini chocolate chips
229. forgiveness
230. a house so quiet you can hear the clock ticking
231. handbell choirs
232. a new Spanish class my daughter is taking
233. exuberant 5 and 6 year olds, with so much to share
234. a dinner I didn't have to make
235. found money in the glove compartment of the car
236. fuzzy slippers
237. comfy pajamas
238. mint tea
239. quiet times with one child who doesn't usually wake up first
240. did I say rain? Well -- more than one day of rain!

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