Fun with Math at Lunch


It's Tuesday, and I love linking up with Sue for The Hip Homeschool Hop. Check out how other homeschoolers are doing this week by clicking her button above!

Yesterday my children were apparently bored with my offering of a peanutbutter and honey sandwich, yogurt and fruit for lunch. I had to hop on the phone as it was approaching lunchtime, and when I got off (about 20 minutes later) they had come up with this:

A sign taped to our kitchen island stating our kitchen was now "McDonalds"

A menu written by my five year old:

(I love the "dezzerts", don't you?)

And a menu written by my nine year old:

I was proud of her spelling, but notice she couldn't spell "Koolaid" correctly - probably because we have it on very rare occasions.

I pulled some chicken nuggets out of the freezer and put them in the oven, set out some yogurt and fruit and kids ordered from me. Of course they had candy from their store for dessert. We added up prices and talked about change. Voila! A real world math lesson created by my children. I love it!

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