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Yep, that's me.... not exactly a "school picture", but it's the closest thing I had on my computer to share with you today for the Homeschool Village's linkup. I think I was close to Kinergarten age in this picture. Today people are writing about their favorite teacher and sharing old photos. When I was younger I was definitely a clown... I had a good sense of humor and used it in school - by that I mean I was always in trouble for talking or some other dumb infraction. I think it took a special teacher to let me know it was ok to be a clown, but I had to learn to control it and use it appropriately!

My favorite teacher was my third and fourth grade teacher - yes, I had the same teacher for two years. I have so many fond memories of those two years, and I know I have beautiful cursive because of those two years, as well. After growing up to become I teacher, I know how difficult it is to be engaging, positive, and challenging each day you come to school. Everything that I remember about Mrs. Munz was all of those things. When I started to homeschool I made cursive a priority - and I know that was because of my experience in third grade learned to write.

What's interesting is that I can remember many good things, but I can also remember how she challenged me (I was quite talkative and not so nice to some of the other girls in my class). Here's a rundown of what I remember about my favorite teacher:

  1. She had "Super Kids" each week - if you had been super (she kept track with a clipboard and points) you got a certificate at the end of the week.
  2. She taught us how to WRITE! I still have storybooks I wrote in her class, and she even had an author (Bee Lewis) work with us. It was a special honor to open the door for Miss Lewis when she came to work with our class.
  3. She let my mother know when I wasn't behaving, and my mother and father followed through! I learned that year that chatting was ok, but you had to know when to stop.
  4. We were always doing some kind of fun project in her class. My mom was there helping most days which made me feel so special.
  5. We put on a dental hygiene play in the fourth grade. I was Fanny Floss. That still makes me laugh!
I am blessed to still keep in touch with Mrs. Munz today. She and my parents live in the same town, and my sister and her daughter are very close friends. Mrs. Munz's husband (who was the superintendent of schools in our town) wrote me a recommendation for my first teaching job.
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